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The transformed and marketed product reflects the reliability and quality that characterise Bloco B.
The experience gained throughout its history in the international market, through contact with various cultures, brought firmness and security, making Bloco B a solid company, always ready to meet the demands of each project. Its extensive knowledge of the product and of the market as well as contact with different cultures, has boosted the quality – of the product and service – allowing to meet the expectations of each customer.
Bloco B is an ever-present company, ready to respond with seriousness and rigor to every project that it embraces today and in the future, ensuring continuity and quality of the product

From Portugal to the world, selling quality products and strengthening ties with different cultures. Thus the path of Block B which, throughout its history, created and consolidated a wide network of contacts with customers from many countries, reinforcing a partnership and proximity.
Today, Block B exports to over 15 countries on 4 continents through a vast network of major distributors.



The company offers an outdoor park with 10 000m2 and an indoor exhibition area of 2700m2 park and production.
The extensive park Block B keeps stock of all kinds of marble, in blocks, slabs or tiles, enabling in-time delivery of any article.
Thanks to holdings in charge of the company, as well as a vast network of contacts, Block B has the capacity to ensure continuity of all the material it provides.
Come visit our park and know all the advantages that Block B has for you.